Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3rd Class Meeting Minutes

  • You have to sell you 3 p-cards or it will be tacked onto your cap and gown costs
  • You don’t have to bring in 30$ all at once, bring it in as you get the money
  • If you want to sell more, just ask
  • Nobody that was supposed to made powerpoints for class trip ideas made anything
  • We could meet during lunch if the presentations are already made
  • Last time we talked about trips, it was rushed
  • We can charge a flat fee for everyone to pay that wants to go on the trip
  • We came up with random trip ideas in class like white water rafting
  • Megan is making a powerpoint for a trip to New York City
  • Fischer is doing a powerpoint for a trip to white water rafting
  • Ryan is making one for six flags
  • The powerpoints have to be in by next Tuesday at the end of the school day. The meeting will be on Wednesday during lunch to present them.
  • Save for bottles for the bottle drive January 3rd.

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