Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Minutes from November 19th Meeting

  • We now have a blog
  • We are putting the exact same stuff we put on facebook on the blog
  • Agendas for meetings will now be posted before the actual meetings
  • Everyone in the class has a say about things, not just the officers
  • If you have fundraising ideas, you have to submit a form 2 weeks in advance and given to an officer or Ms. Hoffman
  • Everyone needs to sell their P-Cards. Bring the money to Megan or Senora.
  • Apparently, people in the community want to buy P-Cards
  • At least have some of your money to bring by the next class meeting in December
  • We might do our trip after graduation or a long weekend
  • Senior Trip Ideas on powerpoints for the next meeting:
    • New York City (Evan)
    • Six Flags New England
    • Jay Peak (Mackenzie)
    • Maine  (Fischer and Ryan)
  • In the powerpoint there needs to be:
    • Price/Per Person
    • Meals
    • Time Limit
    • Transportation
    • Activities to do with Prices
    • Dates
    • Lodging
  • Our Bottle Drive is the Saturday January 3rd. Start saving cans now.
  • Our budget for the senior trip is around $4,000 (rough estimate)

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