Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Senior Class Sign-Ups for Homecoming

Good Afternoon Everyone,

As a follow up to our meeting on Monday, September 22nd, we are creating this blog to share news and updates with you.

The first of these updates has to do with the Homecoming sign-ups--for food and for work shifts-- we started in our last meeting.  You will notice that these are being shared via Google Docs, but they are read-only.  If you would like to change something that you are signed up for, please contact Stacey Garcia (stacey.garcia@rcsu.org) or Jennifer Hoffmann (jennifer.hoffmann@rcsu.org).  We will post updated lists at the end of this week and next week.  (Beyond that, we cannot make any additional changes as we will be too close to the day of the event.)

Please note, there are still food items and work shifts (especially during busy times) that are unaccounted for!

Homecoming Food Sign-Up

Homecoming Time Sign-Up

Thank you!